A month later....

So many exciting things have happened or begun since the launch of my website.  Where to begin?  Well I've spent the last few months doing free photo shoots to get in more practice and to promote my business, website and work.  It's beginning to really pay off.  I have some "real" paying clients lined up this month that I am really excited about.    

My handmade greeting cards with my photos are now selling at three local retailers, Sunflower Florist and gifts, CDA, Petal Talk Florist and Serendipity Unique Boutique in Sandpoint, Idaho.  If you are local or visiting our gorgeous town please visit these fine retailers and ask for my cards.   

One of my most exciting and near and dear to my heart ventures is LT photo field trips.  This was an idea I have been thinking about for sometime, and I have finally put things in motion to do it.   I have invited local youth and teenagers (ages 10-16) to join me in photo field trips, where they will get a chance to do some hands picture taking with me at specific locations.  I will teach the basics of digital photography, lighting, composition as well as give a challenge for the day.   I am truly excited about working with the youth in my town, inspiring their creativity and giving them a place to express themselves.  I will also be collaborating with other artists in the town to guest speak, teach make up artistry, and much more. 

I am currently applying for grants and looking for digital camera donations. If you have an old camera that uses a SD card and you would like to donate to this amazing program for youth please contact me. 

And lastly, thank you so much for all the support, love and kudos I've received from family and friends.   It makes a huge impact and motivates me to continue.