Just scheduled a photo shoot and not sure how to prepare?


Let’s start with some simple steps on how to get the best looks possible.

1.) Skin Care 

  • Have a daily skin care routine (Morning and Night) 

  • Face wash - use a face cleanser that is good for your skin type. Use this everyday. Products: Biore, Clean & Clear, neutrogena, etc.

  • Exfoliate- use a face scrub that won’t damage your skin. This helps removes dead skin cells and it leaves your skin soft. Use this every other day. Not everyday!  Products: Biore, Clean & Clear, neutrogena, etc.

  • Toner- this helps with removing excess dirt, oil and makeup. Use everyday.  Products: Witch Hazel 

  • Sprays and serums- the spray helps your skin hydrate and it brings moisture back in your skin. Serums will help your skin with hydration, increased nourishment, brightening of the skin, and acne prevention. Use everyday.  Products: mario badescu facial spray, The Ordinary, vitamin C, etc. 

  • Moisturizers- this helps your skin feel very moisturized and hydrated. It’s a good base for your makeup. This is very important in skin care. Use everyday.  Products: Clinique, neutrogena, clean and clear, aveeno, etc. 

  • Masks- This helps with getting your acne to stop growing bigger. They help with getting rid of other blemishes and black heads. Use 2-3 times a week.  Products: Biore, Clean & Clear, neutrogena, etc.

2.) Eyebrows

  • Have them plucked, threaded, or waxed at least 3 days before your photo shoot. You want your brows to look good and cleaned up. 

3.) Hair

  • Either get your hair done professionally or do it at home really nice. You want your hair to look flawless in your pictures.

4.) Practice your smile or look 

  • You need that perfect smile because it shows your happiness and beauty. 

  • Or if you want a more serious portrait practice that serious look you have. 

  • It’s always good to practice in a mirror before because you want that perfect look. 

5.) Outfit: 

  • Your outfit is very important. Choose the best outfit you got. You wanna look fabulous in every single pic. 

  • Your outfit doesn’t have to be too fancy unless it’s for something fancy. 

  • A nice simple blouse or dress is perfect.

Practical advice from my assistant Mia Costa.

Practical advice from my assistant Mia Costa.